Fun Facts & Information

Fun Facts About Bats

  • Bats are the only mammals that can sustain flight.

  • Bats give birth to 1 or 2 babies per-year, and some can live up to 30 years.

  • The Virginia State Bat is the Virginia Big Eared Bat, and it eats mainly moths.

  • There are aprox. 1,000 species of bats worldwide.

  • Bats make up 1/5 of all mammal species.

  • There are aprox. 45 species of bats in the United States.

  • There are aprox. 15 species of bats in Virginia.

  • All Virginia bats are insect eaters.

  • A bat can consume over half their body weight in insects each night.

  • Bats are divided into two groups: cave bats and tree bats, but many will also roost in or under man-made structures as well.

If you want more information on Bats: check out the Virginia Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries Website!​

Fun Facts About Caves

  • The average temperature of most caves in Virginia is between 54 and 56 degrees year-round. 

  • Virginia has more than 4,000 caves that are greater than 5 feet depth.

  • Some caves are muddy, some are dry and dusty, some have lots of water in them, and some are a mix of all three! 

  • As of late 2018, the longest cave in Virginia has over 29 miles of measured passages in it, and the deepest cave has been measured to a depth of 1,263 feet!

  • Did you know in Virginia it is against the law (a class 1 misdemeanor offense) to do any of the following in a cave: Write, paint, or mark upon cave walls or other surfaces. If you must mark your way in a cave, please use a non-permanent marker like surveyors tape; but please pick-it-up on your way out of a cave! Break, deface, or remove any natural material or mineral formation. Litter or dump spent carbide, batteries, or other waste materials (including human waste). Disturb, harm, or remove any bats or other living organisms in the cave. Disturb or remove any historic or prehistoric artifacts or bones. Remember we are preserving now the caves that future generations will see, so please leave the cave just as you found it or better!

  • Don't forget that caving is the one activity we can do no matter what the weather is outside, and no matter what the season. Caves are always dark and about 56 degrees! We offer trips to caves that are muddy, dry and dusty, have water that we can wade and swim in, and that can be a combination of all the above!

Fun Facts About Raft Trips

  • One of the big advantages of doing a raft trip vs. kayaking, paddle boarding, or tubing is the ease with which clients may swim if they desire to. With kayaks, paddle boards, or tubes a client wanting to swim must take their water craft to the bank, secure it there, and then swim; or keep up with it in the water while they are swimming, so it does not float away. Also getting back into kayaks or tubes in deep water can be very challenging. With a raft, clients wanting to swim need only check with their guide if it's o.k. to swim and then jump in or slide in off the raft (based on how deep the water is). When you are ready to get back in the raft, your guide or another raft mate, can pull you back in using your life jacket shoulder straps. On most of our raft trips, clients get in and out of the water many times during the trip. 

  • The second big advantage of doing a raft trip is the social aspect. Our rafts hold from 2 clients up to 12 clients (depending on their length), and a guide; so it's very easy to socialize the whole time you are on the water.

  • The third big advantage of doing a raft trip is you are not having to be the captain of your own ship. Because you have a guide in each raft you only need to follow 5 simple paddle commands (that we will explain to you the day of your trip): all forward, all back, all stop, left back, and right back. Your guide will take care of the rest!

  • On most of our trips we will stop to play and swim at interesting places along the river, sometimes take short walks away from the river to see interesting things, and try to teach you some interesting things about the river, fish, birds, and wildlife. Come try a raft trip with us!