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What forms will I need to bring with me?

Please click on and download both the "Emergency Medical Form" and the "Assumption of Risk" form. Print out, fill out in full, and bring both forms with you on the day of your trip. It is very important that you have both forms with you. The bottom link is a checklist of what you will need to wear and pack with you on the day of your trip.

Files to Download
Alcohol Policy

Due to the strenuous nature of adventure activities and the need for participants to be clear thinking and in complete control of their bodies, we require that all participants not be under the influence of alcohol or any substance (legal or illegal) that might impair them in any way. 


We reserve the right to bar the participation of anyone that appears to be acting erratically or in a manner that might endanger them or someone else in the group. 


We would also ask that participants not consume or be in possession of any alcohol or substance that might impair them during their participation in an activity with us. 


Virginia law prohibits the public consumption of alcohol or any consumption of illegal substances, so we would ask that participants abide by that law. In short, save the celebration for after your trip, and even then do so in a safe, legal, and responsible way.