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Offering Year-Round Guided Adventure Recreation In The Shenandoah Valley Of Virginia
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Incorporated in 1996 we are a home-based business meaning that we do not meet clients at our business location, but ratherwe meet them at public boat landings for river trips or at public meeting spots where clients can use restrooms or get food or snacks before following us to caving or other activity sites. This saves us so much cost that we can provide many extra services that other outfitters and guides do not provide like: coveralls, gloves, and knee pads for cave trips; or neoprene wetsuits, gloves, and socks for cool weather river trips. We can even provide transportation for groups (if needed) from our meeting location to the activity site and back for an additional $15 per-person for drives up to 90 minutes (4 person minimum and 10 person maximum per-van). Return transportation for clients back to their vehicles after river trips is provided for free!

Discount Rate Beginning January 1st, 2024

Owner's / Discount Rate! *Please Read The Terms For This Discount Rate Below*

This Discount Rate Is In Effect From January 1st, 2024 to December 31st, 2024

Half-Day Trips (4 Hours): $240.00

(Flat Fee - Not Per-Person - For Up To Six People To Participate

That's $40 per-person for 6 people!

Six Hour Trips: $270.00

(Flat Fee - Not Per-Person - For Up To Six People To Participate

That's $45 per-person for 6 people!

Terms: the trip can be done any day of the week that is open on my schedule, the trip must be lead by the owner of the business (Derek Young), we do not provide transportation - except to shuttle you back to your car after a river trip - so you will need to meet me at or follow me in your own vehicle to our activity site, trip date must be mutually agreed upon (some dates probably will not work for me), and we must limit the group size to 6 Participants to receive this special price! All 4 hr. trips must start by 9:00 am (except on weekends), and all 6 hr. trips must start by 7:00 am (except on weekends)! There is an additional $10 per-person charge for water cave trips due to the large amount of neoprene clothing we must provide you! We strongly suggest you reserve your trip dates 15 to 30 days in advance to get the dates you want!

Because almost all our trips are guided, you need to reserve your trip in advance of the trip date, so we can schedule a guide to take you! The price listed above only applies to trips guided by the business owner. If another guide is needed to take you, our normal trip costs apply (please see "Trip Costs" in the drop-down menu of this website. Rarely can you call one day, and get a trip that day or the next, as our guides need to be scheduled in advance!

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