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What To Expect?

Group Sizes Of 1 to 8 Participants

Trips Available Year-Round With Outside Air Temperature Above 49 Degrees


Water Caves

This is our most intense cave experience as we explore inside caves that have water in them. Water depths vary from ankle deep, to wading, to swimming in water over our heads!

In order to keep everyone safely warm, participants must wear neoprene wet suits and/or neoprene waders, neoprene gloves, and neoprene socks. All this is worn under normal coveralls that we also provide. Water cave participants are especially reminded that any clothing to be worn under their neoprene wet suits and waders (synthetic tights and long sleeve synthetic shirts are best) should be all synthetic fibers and no cotton! We also request that the shoes you plan to wear in the cave lace up, protect your feet from rocks, not be much more than ankle high, and not fit too tightly since you will be wearing neoprene on your feet that is very thick. Due to the intense nature of this experience, we will not take anyone under age 12 or large groups to water caves (unless they are willing to be broken down into smaller groups and go at different times)! One to eight participants is our ideal group size! Due to the increased amount of specialized clothing required for this experience, please add $10 per-person to your trip price! People who are not able to tolerate cold water and not in good physical condition (able to crawl through passages with low ceilings, and have good flexibility) should not consider this experience!

What To Pack?

A bag lunch or snacks and drinks in plastic screw-top bottles if you want any of them after we cave. Back-up lights will be provided.

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