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What To Expect?

For Groups of 1 to 8 Participants

Minimum ages: 12 for flat water trips & 14 for river trips
Stand Up Paddle Boarding is one of the fastest growing water sports in the country right now, and we can offer you a really fun introductory experience trying it out for 2 or 4 hours on flat water, a half-day (4 hour) trip on a river with some small gentle rapids (water levels permitting), or if water levels are above normal a 6 or 8 hour river trip. Participants should be aware that our paddle boards have stable weight limits of 120 lbs and 260 lbs, so participants heavier than that should opt for kayaking or rafting. We will also need to know everyone's height and weight prior to the trip, so we can be sure we have enough paddle boards to accommodate the size of everyone in your group! Our flat water trip options require us to arrive early and carry all the boards to the water, so when you arrive we can fit you for a life jacket, size you for a paddle, and begin our instruction. Following the trip, my staff will also spend close to an hour on the vehicle shuttle and reloading process (especially for groups of 5 or more). This means that a two hours on the water trip is priced as a 4 hour trip to cover staff work time before and after the trip. We have found over time, that unless someone is really fit or a really experienced paddle boarder,  a 2 hour trip is a great first experience! A 2 hour trip, with our owners discount (which has been extended from now to December 31st, 2024) will cost $240.00 for up to 6 people (this is total cost for up to 6 people / not per-person), and $50 per-person for each additional person up to our limit of 8. Please read the restrictions on our owners / off-season rates on our trip prices page!


What To Wear?

Comfortable clothing or bathing suit appropriate for the expected weather and preferably made of synthetic fiber that dries quickly, and comfortable shoes that you do not mind getting wet and muddy in the river.


For Cool Weather Trips (Sunny Days Between 50 & 75 Degrees)

For cool weather trips we require synthetic fabric tights, yoga pants, running tights, or long johns; and a long sleeve synthetic shirt to be worn under the wet suits we provide you for no extra cost. We will also provide you with neoprene socks to be worn inside your shoes, but you must wear a loose fitting lace up shoe, so it will fit over the very thick neoprene sock. Providing wet suits and neoprene socks for everyone in your group requires and accurate height and weight measurement and shoe size for everyone in your group at least 3 days in advance of the trip!

No open toed shoes, sandals, crocs, or flip-flops because they do not stay on your feet or protect your toes and tops of your feet from rocks and sharp objects on the river bottom.


What To Pack?

 A bag lunch or snacks sealed in a zip-lock bag; drinks in screw-top plastic bottles, and sunscreen.

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