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Guided Paddle Board KAYAKING

Using Inflatable Paddleboards With Kayak Seats Mounted On Them.

What To Expect?
For Groups of 1 to 10 Participants
For this experience, we will be running a point-to-point 5 to 8 mile stretch of one of the Shenandoah Valley's great rivers for day trips, or paddling 3 to 5 miles for half-day trips.

Participants must be a minimum of 12 years old in order to do a point-to-point river trip due to river currents and small rapids that require physical strength and maturity.


For participants below age 12 we would suggest doing a river play trip where groups can choose to play on two of the following: inflatable paddle board kayaks, a 6' x 8' inflatable dock, or a giant inflatable tractor tire tube. These trips are done on flat water of a local river where we can start and finish at the same spot due to minimal current. These trips can be done with a mix of ages from 5 to adults as long as the older participants are carefully aware of younger participants as we play on the inflatable devices on the river!


For paddle board kayaking we will be kayaking on inflatable paddle boards with kayak seats mounted on them for comfort and ease of use. If the boards overturn, the paddler will simply fall off. These boards require no special training to get on, off, or paddle. These boards are the easiest of all water craft to get back on if you overturn in deep water.

Participants should be aware that paddle board kayaks are sized to fit people just like clothing. There are different size boards to fit different sized people. Most of our boards will fit people up to 300 lbs. (For participants of any height that weigh above 300 lbs, or participants below 5' 5" and weighing more than  250 lbs, we may require switching to rafts for their own comfort and safety.) We reserve the right to require a change to rafts, if we feel someone does not have the physical ability to self-rescue if they overturn their board. An accurate height and weight measurement will be needed for each participant prior to the trip, so we can bring the right size boards and gear for everyone.

Participants will be provided inflatable paddle boards with kayak seats mounted on them, paddles, life jackets, dry bags (to take personal items down the river in), first aid kit,  and bathroom kit.  On cooler days wetsuits are provided at no extra cost.

Paddle Board Kayak or Raft Fall Foliage Float Trips:
(September to November)
These trips offer stunning views of the Shenandoah's Fall Foliage from a different perspective. Wetsuits are available on cool weather days for no extra cost. 
What To Wear?
Comfortable clothing or bathing suit appropriate for the expected weather and made of synthetic fiber that dries quickly, and comfortable shoes that you do not mind getting wet and muddy in the river.

For Cool Weather Trips (Sunny Days Between 50 & 75 Degrees)
For cool weather trips we require synthetic fabric tights, yoga pants, running tights, or long johns; and a long sleeve synthetic shirt to be worn under the wet suits we provide you for no extra cost. We may also need to provide you with neoprene socks to be worn inside your shoes, but you must wear a loose fitting lace up shoe, so it will fit over the very thick neoprene sock. Providing wet suits and neoprene socks for everyone in your group requires and accurate height and weight measurement and shoe size for everyone in your group at least 3 days in advance of the trip!
No open toed shoes, sandals, crocs, or flip-flops because they do not stay on people's feet or protect their toes and tops of their feet from rocks and sharp objects on the river bottom.
What To Pack?
A bag lunch or snacks sealed in a zip-lock bag; drinks in screw-top plastic bottles, and sunscreen

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