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River Tube Rental

What To Expect?

AVAILABLE MAY 15th - SEPTEMBER 15th / COST: $25 Per-Person ($100.00 Minimum unless we have other groups that day) 

Our tube rental trips are family friendly / no-alcohol trips that last no more than 2 hours of float time. We do not provide extra tubes for coolers or food, and you are required to wear a life jacket on the river! We realize this type of trip does not interest everyone (we are ok with that). So after reading this two sentence description, if you are still interested keep reading!
For Groups of 1 to 20 Participants (Minimum age: 6 years old with one adult (18 or older) for every child below 8 years old. If you cannot maintain that adult to child ratio, then you must do a guided tubing trip with us instead of tube rental (Guided trips are only $50 more for up to 5 people with our owners off-season discount or $80 more for up to  4 people plus we take a giant tube with us to play on)!
For this experience, clients may rent tubes from us and float a short stretch of one of the areas great rivers. After meeting us at the trip start location and filling out paperwork; participants will be given a brief safety orientation, then each participant will be given their own personal tube to float on, and a life jacket.  Participants of all ages will be required to wear a life jacket at all times while they are on the river. In and effort to keep our rivers clean and free of trash and because our our tube rental trips last no more than 2 hours - participants may not bring coolers or food down the river with them. Each person may bring one non-alcoholic drink in a plastic screw-top bottle that they carry in the tube with them (no glass bottles may be taken down the river).  At the conclusion of your trip vehicle drivers only (for large groups) will be shuttled back to their vehicles, while other participants wait at the take out just a mile away (by road) to be picked-up by their drivers. Participants should be aware that our tubes have a 260 lb. load limit on them, so participants heavier than that should opt for a guided kayaking or rafting trip. A height and weight measurement for each participant will be needed before the trip, so we can bring all the right size gear for everyone. Having all the right size equipment for everyone requires that you reserve your trip with us at least 24 hours in advance. Please understand that we take your safety and keeping our rivers clean very seriously, so if you are unwilling to wear a life jacket on the river, or you need to take coolers, alcohol, and food down the river, please go with another outfitter besides us! 


What To Wear?

Comfortable clothing or bathing suit appropriate for the expected weather and preferably made of synthetic fiber that dries quickly, and comfortable shoes that you do not mind getting wet and muddy in the river (No open toed shoes, sandals, crocs, or flip-flops because they do not stay on your feet or protect your toes and tops of your feet from rocks and sharp objects on the river bottom.


What To Bring

One (non-alcoholic) drink in a plastic screw-top bottle and sunscreen.

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