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Swimming Hole Trips

For this trip participants can ride with us to and from the activity site in one of our vans included in the regular price of the trip. Each participant will be provided a PFD that they must wear at all the places we swim due to water depth. At each swimming hole participants can swim, jump off rocks into deep clear pools of water, float down small natural water slides and rapids, or simply relax in the sun. Shoes that protect the participant's entire foot and that secure firmly to the participant's feet are required! No crocs, flip flops, or bare feet are permitted due to rocks and other sharp objects that can be on the river bottom. Short walks on uneven terrain are required to each of the swimming holes; as-well-as, walking and wading in the river and on slippery rocks! Therefore this activity is not suggested for anyone that leads a sedentary lifestyle, or that has balance issues due to: age, infirmity, injury, or illness. A height and weight measurement will be required for each participant in advance of the trip, so we can bring the right size PFD for everyone going. All participants that go must pay the fee whether they choose to swim or not, or whether they ride in our van or not.

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