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River Play Trips

For river play trips we will use a calm section of a river to play on two of three play items of the group's choosing: 10 foot paddle boards set up as kayaks, a floating dock that can have 4 to 6 people on it at once (depending on the size of the people), or a giant rubber tractor tire tube that as many  as 6 people can stand on at once (depending on their size and agility). Due to safety and supervision concerns we limit river play groups to 8 people to one staff person (so long as at least 2 of the 8 people are adults). We will put on and take off the river at the same spot, so this is not a point to point trip. We are also not able to offer these trips if river levels are very high! The best and sometimes only option if river levels are high is to do a raft float trip.

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